Rabobank is a leading financial institution that operates globally, providing a range of banking and financial services to customers in New Zealand. In this article, we will provide detailed information about Rabobank, including its history, headquarters address, website, contact details, and the services it offers. Additionally, we will provide links to Rabobank’s branch and ATM locations across various regions and cities in New Zealand.

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Rabobank History and Background

Rabobank has a rich history that dates back to 1898 when it was established as a cooperative bank in the Netherlands. Since then, it has grown into a global banking organization, focusing on the agriculture and food sectors. In New Zealand, Rabobank has been serving customers since 1994 and has become a trusted financial partner for farmers and agribusinesses.

Headquarters Address: Rabobank New Zealand Limited Level 8, 33 Customhouse Quay Wellington 6011 New Zealand

Website: For more information about Rabobank and access to their online banking services, visit their official website: Rabobank New Zealand

Contact Details: Phone: 0800 500 933 (within New Zealand) Email: [email protected]

Branch and ATM Locations: To find Rabobank branches and ATMs in different regions or cities in New Zealand, please refer to the following links:

Services Offered by Rabobank

Rabobank offers a range of specialized financial services, particularly tailored to the agriculture and food sectors. Some of the key services provided by Rabobank include:

  1. Agribusiness Banking: Rabobank offers specialized financial solutions for farmers and agribusinesses, including loans, savings accounts, and investment products.
  2. Rural Banking: The bank provides banking services and tailored financial solutions for rural clients, focusing on agriculture-related needs.
  3. Business Banking: Rabobank offers a comprehensive suite of business banking services, including transaction accounts, business loans, and cash management solutions.
  4. Personal Banking: Rabobank provides personal banking products, such as savings accounts, term deposits, and investment options.
  5. Online and Mobile Banking: Customers can access their Rabobank accounts and manage their finances conveniently through online and mobile banking platforms.

Rabobank Advantages

  • Agricultural expertise: Rabobank’s deep understanding of the agriculture and food sectors allows them to offer specialized financial services tailored to the unique needs of farmers and agribusinesses.
  • Global network: As a global bank, Rabobank provides access to international markets, knowledge, and expertise, benefiting businesses engaged in global trade.
  • Cooperative model: Rabobank operates as a cooperative bank, focused on sustainable banking practices and supporting the local communities it serves.
  • Dedicated customer service: Rabobank is known for its personalized and attentive customer service, providing tailored financial solutions to meet individual needs.


  • Limited branch network: Rabobank has a relatively smaller branch network compared to larger banks, which may pose accessibility challenges for some customers.
  • Targeted customer base: Rabobank’s specialized focus on the agriculture and food sectors may limit its appeal to customers outside these industries.

Summing Up

Rabobank is a trusted financial institution that specializes in providing banking services to the agriculture and food sectors in New Zealand. With its global network, agricultural expertise, and dedicated customer service, Rabobank offers tailored financial solutions to meet the unique needs of its customers. By leveraging its cooperative model and sustainable banking practices, Rabobank continues to make a positive impact in the communities it serves.