TSB Bank is a well-established New Zealand financial institution that has been serving customers since its inception in 1850. In this article, we will provide detailed information about TSB Bank, including its history, headquarters address, website, contact details, and the services it offers. We will also cover the process of opening a new account with TSB Bank, as well as how to make deposits and withdraw money. Additionally, we will provide links to TSB Bank’s branch and ATM locations across various regions and cities in New Zealand.

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TSB Bank History and Background

TSB Bank, originally known as the Taranaki Savings Bank, has a long-standing history of providing financial services to New Zealanders. It was founded in 1850 as a mutual savings bank and has since grown into one of the country’s leading banks. TSB Bank has a strong focus on community involvement and customer satisfaction.

Headquarters Address: TSB Bank Limited 120 Devon Street East New Plymouth 4310 New Zealand

Website: For more information about TSB Bank and access to their online banking services, visit their official website: TSB Bank

Contact Details: Phone: 0800 872 226 (within New Zealand) Email: [email protected]

Branch and ATM Locations: To find TSB Bank branches and ATMs in different regions or cities in New Zealand, please refer to the following links:

TSB Bank Services

TSB Bank offers a wide range of financial services to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Some of the key services provided by TSB Bank include:

  1. Personal Banking: TSB Bank provides personal transaction accounts, savings accounts, term deposits, personal loans, and mortgages.
  2. Business Banking: The bank offers business accounts, lending solutions, merchant services, and business insurance.
  3. Investments and Wealth Management: TSB Bank provides investment options, KiwiSaver accounts, and financial planning services.
  4. Insurance Products: TSB Bank offers a range of insurance options, including home and contents insurance, vehicle insurance, and travel insurance.

Opening a New Account with TSB Bank

To open a new account with TSB Bank, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the TSB Bank website or a local branch to explore the account options available.
  2. Choose the type of account that suits your needs, such as a personal transaction account or savings account.
  3. Gather the required documentation, including identification (e.g., passport, driver’s license) and proof of address (e.g., utility bill, bank statement).
  4. Complete the account application form either online or with the assistance of a customer service representative at a branch.
  5. Submit the application along with the necessary documents for verification.
  6. Once your application is approved, you will receive your account details, and you can start using your TSB Bank account.

How to Make Deposits and Withdrawals with TSB Bank

TSB Bank provides various options for making deposits and withdrawals, including:

  1. Branch Deposits and Withdrawals: Visit any TSB Bank branch to make deposits or withdrawals in person.
  2. ATM Deposits and Withdrawals: TSB Bank has ATMs available at its branches and other locations, allowing you to deposit and withdraw money conveniently.
  3. Online and Mobile Banking: TSB Bank’s online and mobile banking platforms enable you to make electronic deposits and withdrawals, transfer funds, and manage your accounts remotely.

Note: It’s advisable to contact TSB Bank directly or visit their website for detailed instructions and any specific requirements related to opening an account, making deposits, and withdrawing money.

Summing Up

TSB Bank has a rich history as a customer-focused financial institution in New Zealand. With a range of services tailored to personal and business banking needs, TSB Bank continues to provide reliable and convenient banking solutions. Whether you’re looking to open a new account, make deposits, or withdraw money, TSB Bank offers multiple channels to meet your requirements.